SUPER16 2021 All-Star Game

OKLAHOMA CITY – During it’s first annual appearance, Dream Athletics and BallN’ Prep presented some of Oklahoma’s top hoopsters in the 2021 class. Take a look at this year’s 2021 SUPER16 Middle School All-Stars.

Trey Alexander

PG/Trey Alexander – 2021 SUPER16 CO-MVP and the most impressive performance of the night, 2021 Trey Alexander (Casady MS – OKC, OK/AET Elite) electrified the crowd with his 31 point onslaught that included two final shots from near half court. Mr. Alexander, who was apart of the 2021 SUPER16 away team, displayed athleticism, creativity and finesse throughout the entire game. I look forward to seeing this young man compete at the next level and beyond!

Tobias Roland

G-F/Tobias Roland – 2021 SUPER16 CO-MVP,  (Cooper MS – OKC, OK / Nike Team Griffin), imposed brute strength and athleticism in his dominant performance last night. 14 Points, 4 Blocks, 4 Rebounds led the way for his S16 Home Team. He ran the court well, attacked the 50/50 ball and capitalized on second chance points. He will be a force to be reckoned with whenever he steps on the court.

Landry Harris

PG/Landry Harris – If you don’t account for this guy, you will most likely lose the game. 2021 Landry Harris (Cheyenne MS – Edmond, OK /OKC Savages) stepped onto the court and made himself known during the All-Star Games. Pick your poison: Play off of him, he’s draining the 3 … Play him too close, See-Ya! His court awareness was impeccable and has an all-around solid game. He plays with the style of Utah Jazz Legend, John Stockton, giving his SUPER16 Away squad 11 points coupled with several assists and steals.

Makale Smith

G/Makale Smith  – (Monroney MS – OKC, OK/Impact Athletics) Smith was a late addition to the S16 Home team, but displayed why he should’ve been selected earlier as a Dream Athletics/Ball N’ Prep SUPER16 MS All-Star. Dropping 14 points along with several steals and assists, Smith ran the court finishing with a number of transition buckets. He was a close second to being named MVP of the game but this kid has an all-around … Solid Game!

Tyler Pinder

PG/Tyler Pinder – (Centennial MS – Broken Arrow, OK / GTH4XIII) Mr. Pinder executed with precision all night. Dropping 10 points, grabbing several rebounds and participated in numerous hustle plays, the ’21 standout from Broken Arrow raised eyebrows during the game. We will be seeing his name in the headlines soon.

Marlo Fox

PG/Marlo Fox – (Sand Springs MS – Sand Springs, OK / OK Run PWP) Impressed all of us with his cool, calm and collected game play. Fox finished with 14 points on the night, which nine of those were 3-pointers. Fox’s vision was impressive as he dished out six assists to his teammates for quality buckets. If I were to compare him to an NBA great, Ray Allen “shot” across my mind.

HOME TEAM – Patrick Cudjoe, Head Coach

PG/Kole Johnson – (Hefner MS – OKC, OK/Top Notch) Mr. Johnson is a floor general when it comes to the game. I’ve seen this little guy lead teams to victory with his leadership and floor vision. His game performance was nothing short of what I’ve seen in the past. He will be a solid point guard for any team he plays for in the future.

PG/Keuan Parker – (Carver MS – Tulsa, OK/ OK Run PWP) Keuan pushed the rock with purpose. He made several hustle plays along with a variety of assists throughout the game. His smooth game play was enjoyable to watch.

G-F/ Denver Wilson – (Casady MS – OKC, OK/AET Elite) Denver Wilson has a toughness to him that will take his game to the next level. He grabbed several powerful rebounds and made sure his team was out and running with the quick outlet passes. Solid player inside and didn’t let anyone back him down.

SF/ Daquon Brown – (Summit MS – Edmond, OK/Nike Team Griffin) When Mr. Brown unleashes the beast, his size, speed and athleticism will prove him to be one of the state’s top athletes. After speaking with several coaches, his potential has been untapped and he STILL proved to be a great pick as a SUPER16 All-Star. There is no limit for this kid.

C/Aden Kelley – (Thomas MS – Thomas, OK/West OK Ravens) Don’t let his well-mannered, soft-spoken demeanor fool you. This brute of an athlete banged with the best of them during the SUPER16 All-Star Game, bringing in five rebounds. I can only imagine how this guy competes on the football field.

F/Antonio Watson – (Monroney MS – OKC, OK / Top Notch) The long and lanky ball handler dropped a few buckets while cleaning the boards on a few quality rebounds. He has the size and the ability to play numerous positions. He will be a difference-maker in the future with any team.

G/Greg Hayes, Jr. – (Northeast MS – OKC, OK) A late addition to the roster, Mr. Hayes added athleticism to the game. He pulled away several steals and found himself involved in more than a few hustle plays.

Patrick Cudjoe, Head Coach – (Head Boys Basketball Coach, John Marshall High School)

AWAY TEAM – Jermaine Simpson, Head Coach

SF/Ryan Shastid – (Ardmore MS – Ardmore, OK /Ardmore Dream Team) Size and strength are his assets. He ran the court fairly well and made his presence known. He cleaned the boards with a few rebounds and put-backs. A solid player on the block.

G/Princeton Johnson, II – (Cheyenne MS – Edmond, OK/BTR) Mr. Johnson displayed energy when he touched the ball. He knocked down a 3-pointer and came away with a few steals and assists during the night. He can easily play the 1 or the 2 on any team.

F/Keyondre Young – (Crooked Oak MS – OKC, OK/OKC Wolverines) Keyondre’s slender build allowed him to slide through the defense and create for his teammates. He is a team player and showed no signs of slowing down during the game.

G/Daylan Williams – (Ardmore MS – Ardmore, OK /Ardmore Dream Team) Daylan ran the court exceptionally well. He was all over the court altering opposing shooters and disrupting the offense. A great athlete from down south.

G/Elijah Banks – (Douglass MS – OKC, OK/RSE Elite) Banks’ athleticism was turned all the way up during the all star game. On both ends of the floor, this athlete reminded me of the energizer bunny  … x 100!

G-F/Connor Loney – (Bixby MS – Bixby, OK / OK Run PWP) The product from Bixby provided quality minutes and played key roles throughout the game. A complete player that can compete on any team.

Jermaine Simpson, Head Coach (Assistant Girls Coach, Midwest City High School )

This year’s SUPER16 2021 All-Star Game provided an electric atmosphere as the night’s final game. We look forward to seeing next year’s crop of athletes represent the state of Oklahoma. Take a look at the moments captured during the game.


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