The Rockets Lift Off to Win Championship


Gavin Pritchett
In the Division I ORES championship game, the Rocky Mountain Rockets jumped out early and never looked back. Led by the speedy and tenacious guard, Geremiah Noisewater, you would think the Rockets were poised for an automatic victory. The Zion Jets struggled in the first quarter but maintained their confidence, eventually gaining momentum and keeping it close in the end.

Geremiah Noisewater
Noisewater finished the game with 16 points, a host of steals and ultimately garnering the tournament’s Most Valuable Player. This kid was the driving force of the team.

6’2” Gavin Pritchett forced down 16 points as he consistently attracted the double team. The Rockets were victorious with a 40-31 win in the Division I ORES Championship.

Photo Credit: Kamron Love


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